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PRODUCTS - Sweets And Originally Dry
_CONSULTAVI Marfil Originally Dry (Solera 1976)

Marfil Originally Dry (Solera 1976)
Intense aromas and much flavor.
_CONSULTAVI Marfil Violeta (Solera 2003)

Marfil Violeta (Solera 2003)
Color cherry, hard, vinoso and extended. 93 Parker!
_CONSULTAVI Marfil Molt Dolç (Solera 2003)

Marfil Molt Dolç (Solera 2003)
A glass of this wine is the best dessert! 93 Parker (2012)!
_CONSULTAVI Marfil Generós Semi (solera 1976)

Marfil Generós Semi (solera 1976)
Amber wine balanced, very versatile

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