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Quality Factors

The orography and geology are two distinguishing characteristics of this region and therefore of Alella. The short distance between the sea and the mountain forms an important topographic slope, a condensation barrier against the sea humidity and, logically, very effective run-off for surface rain water (Autumn floods are typical in Maresme). The geology, typically granitic, mainly consists of leucogranites, with various types of porfirious stone.
Mechanical meteorisation of the granite takes place due to the orography and the composition of the bedrock, forming sandy soil in the lower zones - very loose, poor in organic substances and with light shade: the Sauló. It is the main pedological characteristic and is considered to be one of the quality factors in the production of our grapes.
Because of the Saulos tendency to erode, the top soil has moved down the valley several times and, as many of our vines are planted on slopes, the bedrock appears. Because of high permeability, its water retention capacity is very low. The Sauló's white colour allows the soil to retain solar radiation, the light and heat that help in the ripening process of the grapes.
The soil mostly comprises quartz, feldspar and mica, though one can also find other minerals such as hornblende. This mineralogical formation in a Mediterranean climate goes through a process of meteorisation and becomes the Sauló.
The soil is slightly acid or neutral, with a sandy texture low in clay and organic matter.

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