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  Winetasting Activity
Are you interested in the world of the wine? Do you want to make a first approach to wine tasting? We, at ALELLA VINICOLA, want to bring you closer to the sensations provided by wine culture. So we invite you to participate in our wine tasting workshop.

We will teach you abit of practice and technique, how to observe ans appreciate a wine. We shall sample wine white, rosč and red wines and also CAVA (sparkling wine). An unforgettable activity.

This takes places in an informal cultural atmosphere wich tries to teach the expression of all the sensations provided by tasting a wine. We shall get to know the specific vocabulary of wine tasting as well as the appreciable differences between different types of wine.

This activity is designed for those who wish to enjoy a pleasant moment, with friends or workmates, and learn a bit more about wine.
The wine-tasting activity consists of:
- Guided visit with explanation of wine making processes.
- Wine-tasting activity.

The wine-tasting activity lasts approximately three hours and can be arranged for organised groups of ten people or more (for more reduced groups, consult our programme of activities open to the public).
Explanations can be given in Spanish, Catalan or English.
Free Parking.


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