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  Activities in the Vineyard
Do you want to witness the harvest? And take part in the related tasks? Como to ALELLA VINICOLA vineyard, to get to know and realise the activities that allow us to extract the best from the vines and to elaborate our MARFIL wines.

We shall participate in the harvest in order to enjoy one of the most cheerful and traditional times of the yaer in the wine growing world and, furthermore, get to know the sercrets of making wine. A unique experience!

The activities in the vineyard provide and enjoyable and different kind of day, out in the fresh air, where can forget the stress of our daily lives!

The tasks that can be done in the vineyard depend on the biological cycle of the vines. In this way, in January we can prune, in April observe the budding processes of the plants, and in September, harvest!

The visit is composed of:
- Experience in the vineyard: harvest or pruning.
- Lunch.
- Visit to the winery: production of wine, wine tasting.

The activities in the vineyard take approximately three hours, through easily walked pathways and can be organised for groups of between eight and 20 people. Depending on availability and weather conditions.

Own vehicle required.


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